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Welcome to Staff Navigator Limited

STAFF Navigator (RC 781081) is an enterprise application solutions provider in Nigeria, offering peak services and at the same time making sure that clients get the best of deserved attention and value for money..

"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

 Web & Application Design

 We deploy Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Web Portals and Mobile Application for standalone and multi-user environment, Intranet or Internet module.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) suite includes vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, application testing and host review services.

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Web Hosting

We offer Domain Registration and Web Hosting on our dedicated server in USA which is managed by experienced team of datacenter engineers. This we were able to achieve by partnering with 2 or USA top hosting companies.

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 We offer SMS Solutions ranging from Web-2-SMS services to SMS API integration. Our web-2-sms services is efficient and effective, delivery time is less than 5 seconds and our bulk messaging platform can broadcast to over 10 Million mobile numbers.

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  • Certified WebPay Integration Partner
  • Standalone, Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration
  • Application Customization and Support”
  • Data Analysis and Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce and Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Web Service Deployment for Short Codes and USSD
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

 Our Products

Explore the ease our applications offer you in a world where innovations birthed by technology bring about a simple and seamless process. 


Text2Wall is a snippet that could receive SMS and push them to social media walls. It’s not only those with data that can  participate in your social media screen display and hashtags, SMS can also join in, and trust me they are the majority.

Intelledger for Coop Societies

Intelledger is an Intelligent Ledger system designed to simplify Membership, Loans and Contributions process for cooperative societies. Security and ease of operations are the primary objectives put into consideration when the idea was conceived.


We offer SMS Solutions ranging from Web-2-SMS services to SMS API integration. Our web-2-sms services is efficient and effective. Our easy to use short code platform has been of great benefit to several events, promotions as well as surveys.


Suite 3, 2nd floor 3C Complex
No 7 St Finbars College RD.
Akoka, Lagos.
Phone: (234) 809-716-3945
Website: http://staffnavigatorng.com
Email: info@staffnavigatorng.com


Staff Navigator limited is set up to enhance technology by providing practicable solutions using internet of things either by never seen before innovations or improving on existing ideas, whilst influencing a layman to become more information conscious, thus changing the way the entire technology sector functions.

We aim to change the industry by providing electronic solutions in form of Applications across boards (PC and mobile), using Web friendly technology, to create products that automate processes and keep track of same for future data analysis, supporting the individuals, supporting the world.